Our Process

J&P Asset Management is focused on two primary areas to help properties thrive:

sales and efficiency.

Maximize revenue, minimize costs.

We live in a continuous improvement atmosphere, which means we are always working to maximize revenue while limiting costs.

This is an objective process with roots in Lean methodology and semi-automated processes. We combine the best of humanity and automation for successful, streamlined management of extended stay hotels

We follow a General Manager centric model.

A Streamlined GM Role

We take as many administrative tasks away from your property as possible in order to simplify and streamline the role of the GM.

For the other administrative tasks that remain, we have a simplified process to execute. This is just a fraction of what we do to get your property on the path to success.

Fixed Labor Model

We can appropriately plan for how many hours should be budgeted to support your property every week of the year—with minimal variation.

Labor is typically the largest expense variable, but by fixing this cost into your budget, we take the guesswork out of your expenses.

Focused on the Property

All employees within J&P have job descriptions built around their role in supporting the properties directly.

This constant focus back to property makes sure our internal business goals are always aligned with operational success.

We provide full-service delivery.

To put it simply, working with J&P means you get a turnkey solution that delivers a huge return on investment with NO hidden costs.

The Contracting Phase

The Contracting Phase

We can lead property owners through transitions and the onboarding process, opening services, and rebranding—whatever support you need during the contracting phase.

Revenue Management

Revenue Management

We have a unique Revenue Management service that provides an exceptional return on investment over the trailing 12 months (TTM)—far exceeding the market standard.

Hiring, Training & Development

Hiring, Training & Development

We employ all staff, provide benefits, perform hiring, training and development, and take responsibility for all payroll functions.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

We manage inventory, order supplies as needed, implement PIPs (Performance Improvement Plans) and oversee CapEx needs for properties as needed.

Get the Best Return on Your Investment with J&P

Our experienced professionals provide a unique sales-focused approach to the extended-stay market to help you maximize your success.